A Week To Go for Scunthorpe

A Week To Go for Scunthorpe

Reflections As The Election Draws Close

As the election draws close, I am asking you to share my vision, and the pledges and key aspects of the Conservative Manifesto that will affect our area.

I have knocked on many doors across the constituency since starting my campaign 12 weeks ago. I have listened to your views, what concerns you and what changes you would like to see in our local community. This is so important, and something that will continue after the election, so that I can be a true representative for you in Parliament.

Our Long Term Plan

One of the main reasons I have chosen to work with the Conservative Party is the belief I have in their long term plan. A plan that has halved unemployment in Scunthorpe, reduced tax, increased wages and given us funding that we have never seen the like of before in our area. I want to make it clear that we are at risk of losing this funding and such significant support for North Lincolnshire with any other party in government. I want you to know that I will continue to personally support local services, groups and charities that matter to you in Scunthorpe and the nearby towns and villages. If you heard my comments on the Radio Humberside Health Debate this morning, you will know how much I value the work of charities as well as voluntary and community organisations who provide such great service in our local community. We were talking about mental health and support for hospices, and I am very clear that without the magnificent work of local fundraisers and volunteers, facilities and services which are highly valued would struggle. I promise to champion your issues.


I will be writing about pledges and updates on key topics over the next 6 days so that you can make an informed decision, and make your vote count next Thursday.

If you are supporting me, please spread the word as best you can. It will help others to make the right decision too, so that we can work together after the election with a majority government that is on our side.

A Champion For Our Area

Never before have we had such a great opportunity to secure real and beneficial change in the Scunthorpe County constituency and my commitment to you is true and heartfelt. If you heard me at one of the recent hustings, I hope this came across. Even if you have voted elsewhere in the past, I ask you to lend me your vote this time as the candidate who will put Scunthorpe, and the towns and villages in our constituency, on the map and put people before politics.

Vote for Scunthorpe. Vote for Jo Gideon next Thursday.